“Squinching” May Be The New Duck Face, But I Think It’s Just “Smizing” Under A Different Name

Someone get Tyra Banks on the phone! There’s a hot “new” trend in posing ridiculously for photos called “squinching,” but I’m pretty sure Tyra’s go-to “Top Model” tip — SMIZE! — has just been stolen and rebranded under a different name. According to the Daily Mail, which shouts out Tyra’s smize in its intro, photographer Peter Hurley “claims the squinch is the act of squinting your eyes in such a way as to ooze confidence and self-assuredness.” Squinching is more subtle than squinting; when you squint, your eyes appear too closed, but, explains the Daily Mail, “when you ‘squinch,’ however, you’re lifting and tightening the lower eyelid and only allowing the top eyelid to come down slightly.”

Here’s the thing. Squinching sounds exactly like what happens when Tyra demonstrates how to smize (see above). I should know, because I have analyzed it and imitated it and watched others imitate it for 20+ seasons of “America’s Next Top Model.” Now, Tyra never does a great job explaining how to smize. Bless her, she is a woman of many talents, but Tyra Banks is not so good with words, no matter how dramatically she may annunciate them. But just because Hurley can explain it better doesn’t mean he’s discovered something different. Squinching is just smizing but with a stupider name (congrats on managing that, dude) and a better definition. But luckily neither is as annoying to look at as duck face. [Daily Mail UK]