Adam Driver Refuses To Watch Himself On “Girls”

“With ‘Girls,’ after I saw the pilot, I was like, ‘There’s no way I can watch the rest of this series, especially if it continues to go on,’ because I feel like there’s an impulse to try to make it look better or neater or more perfect, and when I watch theater, television, movies, it’s always the imperfection I’m always more attracted to. And I feel like with the things I’m in that I have watched, I go into a spiral and obsess about all the mistakes I made. Even with the pilot — there are so many mistakes I wish I would have changed, but you know, you just can’t. I’ll drive myself crazy and the people around me crazy for months, just thinking about it.”

Here’s a surprise: Adam Driver doesn’t watch himself on “Girls.” I mean, hey, his character does do some pretty bizarre stuff and I don’t know that I’d want to watch myself act that out on camera either. Fortunately the rest of us can still watch “Girls” without wanting to obsess over every little thing. Set your DVR for the January 12 premiere!  [] [Photo: Splash News]