Totally Insane Charles Manson Might Have A Totally Insane Fiancee He Renamed “Star”

Are you done eating lunch? Because mass murderer Charles Manson has a 25-year-old maybe-fiancee he renamed “Star,” who has been visiting him prison since she was a teenager.

According to an article in this week’s Rolling Stone, Star was a troubled Missouri girl who took drugs and skipped church so her parents “locked her in her room for much of her high school years.” Around this time, a friend gave Star some of Charles Manson’s writing about the environment; inspired, Star wrote Manson a letter. The two began corresponding and at 19, she sunk $2,000 she saved from a job into visiting the murderer in California’s State Prison.

Charles Manson renamed her “Star.”  She carved an “X” into her forehead. She now lives near the prison and  runs several web sites defending him. She also believes that she and Manson are going to get married. Star told Rolling Stone:

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married. When that will be, we don’t know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this. We haven’t told anybody about that.”

For his part, 79-year-old Manson was less certain. He told Rolling Stone:

“Oh that. That’s a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That’s trash. We’re just playing that for public consumption.”


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