Telling Your Girlfriend You Cheated As A “Prank” Is A Bad Idea Any Way You Swing It

“YouTube pranks” is one of my least favorite word combinations in all of the English language lexicon, so I couldn’t tell you why I deigned to watch this one. Roman Atwood is what people here on the Internet are apparently calling an “infamous” “YouTube” “prankster” who pulls “classic” “nasty” “pranks.”

This Roman Atwood’s latest soft-boiled scheme involves his girlfriend of five years, Britney, and their anniversary trip to Aruba, where Atwood decides it would be a good time to “confess” (this is the “prank” bit, obvs) that he cheated on her with another girl. He’s a real bad actor, but Britney seems to buy it and crumples into tears before admitting that she, too, had cheated. Naturally, this is his prank (it’s my prank, it’s mine!) and Atwood starts to lose it, and the whole thing unravels. At the end, everyone lives happily ever after, which kind of does away with the purpose of why I watched this video in the first place — schadenfreude. [via Gawker]