Public Service Announcement: Buy This Cookie Butter Right Now

Remember when I wrote about Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter and raved about how terrifyingly good it is, and that buying a jar would immediately ruin your life, but in a good way? Well, that was before I tried Gooey On The Inside Cookie Butter. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter is still insanely good, of course, but Gooey On The Inside Cookie Butter is a whole different ballgame. Buying a jar of GOTI Cookie Butter will ruin your life and several of your successive reincarnated lives, all in a good way. It is that amazing. Here’s why:

GOTI Cookie Butters are made of mashed up cookies. These jars of sweet, creamy heaven are not made with, like, “artificial cookie flavoring,” they’re made with COOKIES. And sometimes pie and graham crackers and marshmallows and other mouthwatering sweets. The flavor is potent and pure and might cause your brain to explode, because you’ll be all, “Wait, this tastes like the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever had, but it feels like peanut butter. DOES NOT COMPUUUUUTE.”

The flavors are out of control. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter comes in “crunchy” and “smooth” and a “cookie butter/Nutella swirl” (OK, that last one is pretty brilliant), but GOTI Cookie Butters come in some craaaazy creative flavors. I have now tried an embarrassing number of them, and every one is more delicious than the one before. Here are a few examples:

Chocolate Chip Chunk
Birthday Cake
Honeycomb Dark Chocolate (my boyfriend ate half the jar of this in one sitting, and probably would have finished it if I hadn’t confiscated it and placed it on a very high shelf.)
Creme Brulee
Fluffernana (I literally cried while eating this. So good.)
Red Velvet White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting
Sweet Potato Pie ( The marshmallow swirl brought me closer to God.)
Dark Chocolate Espresso Rum Butterscotch (Don’t even know how to emotionally process this level of deliciousness.)

They’re made in NYC by an awesome lady named Kafi. Knowing you’re supporting a small business makes them taste that much better.

There are so many ways to eat them. Nick and I sampled these cookie butters on fruit, toast, crackers, and shamelessly large spoons. They are shockingly good on Saltines (the salty crunch is the perfect contrast to the creamy sweetness), bananas, super healthy wheat bread (again, for contrast), and on their own.

Seriously, do yourself a favor and get yourself a jar of this stuff. Or a dozen jars of it. You’ll thank me later. Or curse me for ruining your life, but like I said, in a good way. You’re welcome.