Pad Garder, The Man Who Wants To Become A Kotex Maxi Pad, Now Has A Video Diary

I’ve had a blood clot soft spot for Pad Garder, aka TheFemininePad, aka the Yoni Tantra-practicing Otherkin who dreams of becoming “a pink disposable feminine pad, to be pressed against a soft vulva for a woman’s period,” ever since I learned of his existence. Very good news! Pad has launched a new vlog series called “The Pad Diaries” (a periodic or an episodic?) which promises to detail his “musings” on life, love and sanitary napkins. In this first episode, “Beginnings,” Pad digs deep and recounts how he first discovered a feminine pad at age 10 in sex ed class.

“When I touched the pad it was like electricity shot through me and everything awakened within me and I knew that I wanted to be that object…I knew this was going to be my destiny, my future,” recalls Pad.

I stand firmly behind Pad in his quest to fight and push to become who he really is. Do you, Pad! And, yes, I will be tuning in next week to learn more about the Pad Life. [YouTube]