Join Us Tonight: We’re Live Tweeting Through “Nashville”!

For those of you who watched “Nashville” last week, you’re aware that they left us with the most shocking, WTF cliffhanger ever. I literally yelled “WHATTTT?!?” and paced around my living room for 20 minutes. And Lesbe honest…you probably did, too. (See what I did there?)

Thankfully, they’re picking up where they left off tonight with “Hanky Panky Woman,” and we’ll be live tweeting through the entire episode, thus minimizing my chances of injuring myself from barefoot living room-pacing.

This week, as Scarlett heads out on the road for her first tour with Luke, Deacon criticizes Rayna for overburdening Scarlett. Juliette also decides what she wants to do about the Charlie situation (!), Jeff starts a war with Rayna and Gunnar seeks Scarlett’s help for a song. By the way, am I the only one who doesn’t like him with Zoey? Sigh.

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode below, and be sure to tune in to “Nashville” at 10p.m. EST on ABC. Follow along with our tweets at @TheFrisky. We’ll see you there!