“Holland’s Got Talent” Judge Makes A Few Too Many Cringeworthy Racist Jokes

The first thing I did after watching this video was hit up Google with the question, “is holland racist.” Perhaps not the best-formed inquiry, as far as reading comprehension goes, but a valid question nonetheless. It does, indeed, seem that the Netherlands might have a history of being a little racist, considering hundreds just recently staged a march as a show of support for Black Pete, the charmingly named “Christmas sidekick” of good old significantly less racist Saint Nick. Still, this fails to excuse (along with every other racist, ever) “Holland’s Got Talent” judge and grown man wearing a T-shirt with a leather-sleeved blazer Gordon Heuckeroth, who spewed some unmistakably racist comments in the direction of a Chinese contestant during (what I presume is) this week’s episode.

Upon announcing that he would be singing a Verdi aria, Xiao Wang was met with Heuckeroth’s idea of a great and hilarious joke — “Which number are you singing? Number 39 with rice?” Good one, Gordon! But wait, he’s not finished. After Wang performed (and like an ANGEL, to boot!), Heuckeroth pronounced, “This is the best Chinese I’ve had in weeks!” One of his seat mates addresses him to note that, really, you’re really not supposed to say these things to people, but it seems to go right over his head. It would also appear to me that part of the allure of this national television show is snippy, condescending behavior from the judge’s panel to begin with, but hey, at least it isn’t outright racism. Until, you know, it is. [via Popdust]