Artist Turns Abandoned Detroit Homes Into Colorful Art Installations

Detroit artist Tyree Guyton had seen his beloved McDougall-Hall neighborhood transform into a poverty-stricken, crime-ridden ghost town, full of abandoned houses, garbage, and broken windows. Looking to bring a dose of bright playfulness into this increasingly hopeless place, Guyton painted giant pastel polka dots all over his grandfather’s house on Heidelberg street. His grandfather loved the home makeover, and encouraged Guyton to keep going. With the help of some eager neighborhood kids, abandoned homes and overgrown yards were turned into bright, wacky art installations, and The Heidelberg Project was born. Now spanning two blocks, the artistic takeover includes a house covered in stuffed animals (shown above), abandoned cars decked out in paint and pennies, polka dot streets, and huge sculptures constructed of found objects and repurposed trash. Pretty cool, huh? Check out more photos over at Slate.