The Sexiest Celebrity Selfies Of The Year Are…

  • These are the sexiest selfies of the year so far. There’s only a month and half left so anyone who didn’t make the cut better get busy selfie-ing. Everyone but Lindsay Lohan. She’s taken plenty of selfies that no one seems to be interested in. [Nerve]
  • Charlie Hunnam is not jealous of his “Fifty Shades” replacement, Jamie Dornan. Well, that’s good to know. At this point, could the film even possibly live up to all the hooplah surrounding it? Not a chance. [Celebuzz]
  • This woman married a ferris wheel named Bruce. Congrats to the happy couple on their wild ride ahead. [Huffington Post]
  • When this bride got jilted by her husband-to-be, one of the guests stepped up to plate and married her. He was not a ferris wheel named Bruce, in case you were wondering. [Newser]
  • You can tell if he’s into you by how slow he’s walking, says a new study. I say: but what if he has a prosthetic leg or a bum ankle? [Betty Confidential]
  • I’m so tired of hearing about surveys that say women prefer catching up on paperwork or eating salads to sex. Really? [The Stir]
  • You might have missed these incredibly filthy jokes the last time you read The Bible. [Cracked]
  • This is VERY important: some people are speculating that Kylie Jenner got a boob job for her 16th birthday. [Celeb Dirty Laundry]
  • YA author Kresley Cole has started writing erotica. [Pop Sugar Love &Sex]