Parent Fined For Forgetting To Pack Ritz Crackers In Kids’ Lunch

We can thank the good people of the Manitoba Government’s Early Learning and Child Care program for enforcing the most bizarre lunch regulation you’ve ever heard of. In order to ensure that kids’ lunches are “balanced”, each one is checked against Canada’s Food Guide and “supplemented” by the school if any of the customary requirements are missing. If a child’s lunch box has to be “supplemented” on any given day, the parent gets fined. Strange. Yes. Canadians!

But it makes sense for parents who forgo the basics like fruits,veggies and proteins in favor of Doritos and Oreos. But that’s not so much how it works.

Mother Kristen Bartkiw received the note above for sending her children to daycare with with lunches containing leftover, homemade roast beef and potatoes, carrots, an orange and milk. Sounds like a perfectly balanced meal to me. But school officials fined Kristen $10 for forgetting to pack, of all things, Ritz Crackers (which count as a grain). You’d think that parents would be fined for giving their kids crap like butter crackers and rewarded for not packing Ritz. Why not a slice of whole grain bread? [Weighty Matters]