Gremlin Gets A Manicure To Be The Dog Of Honor At Owner’s Wedding

In order to prep to be the Dog of Honor at her owners’ wedding, princess of the house Gremlin got her paws did. Dog manicures interest me very much. But I find myself far more interested in the back story about Gremlin and Mariesa’s “strained relationship” and the dog’s illness. What happened!? I need all the dogssip.

My preliminary research informed me that Gremlin’s owners, Mariesa and Chris are a newlywed couple with eight rescue dogs — Gremlin, Meatball, Money, The Stig, Moses, Tejas, Quinn, and Sammy –who donate all proceeds from their YouTube videos to pay shelter dogs’ vet bills to help them become more adoptable and find their forever homes. OK. Slay me in the heart. I have to go back and watch all the “Life In The Doghouse” videos now. [YouTube via Jezebel]