Beauty Test Drive: This Is The Waterproof Mascara I Wore On My Wedding Day & It Totally Worked

A few days before I got married, one of my BFF’s gifted me a shopping spree at Make Up For Ever. Lilit knew I was doing my own makeup for my wedding — hey, Kate Middleton did it! — so she wanted to help out. I got some gorgeous lipstick, foundation, green-tinted primer, and their iconic HD Powder. But as I was checking out, the makeup artist/salesgirl dropped a free sample into my shopping bag. “You need this,” she said.  I looked in the bag. It was Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash Waterproof Extra Black Mascara.

Duh. I cry at cotton commercials. Of course I was going to cry like a baby on my wedding day.  And Thank God for that lady who gave me the waterproof mascara, because I did. 

Price/Availability: $23,, and in stores

Formula/Wear Time:  Depending on how you look at it, my face either has big chipmunk cheeks or long eyelashes. (The truth is probably a little of both.)  I have always, always had my mascara flake off on the tops of my cheeks from too much fluttering.  It’s really annoying and raccoon-like, so for a long time I didn’t wear mascara at all.  Then I discovered Fairydrops, a water- and sweat-resistant mascara made in Japan which has  a gel-like texture and does not flake at all. Alas, the gel gets clumpy in the tube after awhile and it’s a bitch to wipe off your lashes.  Fortunately, Make Up For Ever’s waterproof mascara is a happy medium: it withstands tears or runny eyes and doesn’t flake off on my cheeks.  My face looked picture perfect on my wedding day and even that night when I went swimming with my new husband in our hotel pool.  Make Up For Ever’s mascara came off easily with a few wipes of a makeup remover, but not before then.

Overall: I personally don’t think Make Up For Ever’s mascara dries quickly enough, which was echoed in the user comments on The only time this mascara gets on my face is when I first apply it and the wet lashes touch my skin. But that could probably be solved if I used an eyelash curler that bent my lashes outwards.  Overall, my lashes really do stand out and are safe for weddings, pools, and cotton commercials alike!

 Rating: 4/5

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