Edinburgh University Law Students Wore Blackface For Class Party

I see where you were going with this, Edinburgh University Law Society students. Dressing up like a pirate is fun. Alas, your choice of pirate was not the “Arrgh, matey, ye scurvy seawags!” type [Hahahaha, what? Scurvy seawags! — Amelia] and instead a more true-to-life Somali pirate.

Alas, dressing in blackface is still not okay. 

The Scottish law student organization held a social event on November 14 with an “Around The World” theme, in which they traveled around to different bars and clubs in Edinburgh dressed in costume. At least four students chose to dress up as Somali pirates, wearing blackface along with camo pants, fake weapons, and yellow shirts.

Fortunately, these four got called on their shit: inside a nightclub called The Hive, other  law students complained the blackface people had been allowed entrance. Today, the University of Edinburgh Law School sent an email to all students, urging the four students involved to report themselves to the dean.

The president of a law society has since issued a statement in apology:

“The fancy dress theme was All Around the World. As a society, we try to arrange our events with innovative and interesting themes leaving scope for attendees to use their imaginations. In no way was this theme intended to incite racism or cultural appropriation and, as a society, we are vehemently opposed to discrimination of any form. On behalf of the members of our society, we apologize unreservedly for any upset caused. In response to some of the costumes designed, in the future we will strive to ensure that any fancy dress events will actively discourage the use of any costumes that could be perceived as being offensive.  As a society, we respect our members’ right to freedom of expression, however, cultural insensitivity is intolerable and this is something that we are completely opposed to. In light of the ongoing and comprehensive commentary on our Facebook page, I would not propose to discuss any further details.”

I’m pleased to see the university is handling the matter appropriately … yet it’s a sad statement on society when “no blackface” has to be added to the dress code.

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