A Naked Woman Calling Herself “Goddess Of The Train” Tried To Take Over Chicago Public Transportation This Weekend

As a long time NYC public transpo user, I have seen my fair share of subway insanity. At the top of my list is the man who panhandled with a live snake. The snake incident seems rather innocuous compared what happened on a Chicago L train this weekend. A buck naked woman calling herself “the goddess of the train” brought CTA’s Red Line to a screeching halt when, according to a witness, the woman announced that she was going to the front car to drive the train and told all the passengers to get off. Naturally, her fellow CTA riders did not comply with the goddess’s orders and police promptly arrived to escort her off the train where she was taken for psychiatric evaluation. “This tops anything I have seen in 20 years riding the CTA,” said a woman named Anne, who witnessed the incident. A naked goddess trumps a snake any day of the week. Beat that, MTA. [Gawker]