5 Common, Shitty Dreams About Other People & What They Might Mean

According to a new survey, done by a UK hotel chain (?), more than 60 percent of people wake up pissed when they have a bad dream about someone and find it hard not to take it out on them the next day. Especially if say, your boyfriend cheated on you last night. You wake up and he’s snoring there next to you and the first thing you want to do is scream at him — he who knows nothing of the clandestine lunch he had girl you knew in elementary school. That fucker!

“The research shows that our dreams impact heavily on our moods the next day. Whilst we may wake-up reeling or confused, or as these result show in a bad mood with someone, the best thing to do is just shake it off and make the most of the day ahead.It’s important to try and unwind after a hard day at work, but that is easier said than done if something is playing on your mind. Our aim is to make our guest’s stay with us as pleasant as possible and to ensure a good night guaranteed.”

Read: forget about your shitty dream by going on vacation. How they managed to make vacations the solution for nightmares, it’s really quite deft. Here’s the thing though: having a shitty dream about a partner/family member/boss/friend, and having those feelings associated with it transfer over into real life is so unavoidable, that it might just be better to try to understand the dream, no? So, you don’t have to ignore your mother all day because you had a full-on dream blow out with her last night. Below are some shitty dreams that you’ve probably had (or will have) and what they might actually mean:

1. Your partner cheated on you or dumped you. You thought everything was going great and then your boyfriend decides to have a wild night of fucking with his ex and tell you all about it. If that weren’t enough, now he’s leaving you to run off to the Netherlands with her and he wants your blessing. When your alarm goes off in the morning, you feel a mixture of relief and rage, which should not be taken out on him if you can help it. If the relationship is in trouble, this might be an accurate reflection of what’s on the horizon, but usually, these cheating/dumping dreams can crop up when you’re happily. stupidly in love. These are dreams born of the fear of abandonment and can be sparked by any insecurities, doubts and anxieties you might be having — about your relationship, or even about yourself. Check yourself before you get all catty with him.

2. Someone you love died. There’s nothing more unsettling than experiencing the death of a loved one in your dream. You wake up and vow to never take them for granted again. You want to call them right away and make sure they got to work safe. God, does this mean they’re really going to die? Stop worrying, your dream doesn’t mean anyone is about to bite it. Although, you may have serious concerns about the person’s health. It’s more likely that you have some unresolved anger or resentment toward them that you don’t want to broach or you are mourning the relationship you’ve dreamed of having with them, but never will.The word here: FORGIVENESS.

3. You had a vicious fight. This is one of those dreams where your mother/boss/best friend says something so heinous to you that you end up tearing them a new one and then spending the rest of the night (in your dream, at least) bawling your eyes out in a field of grass. It’s so dramatic that you wake up feeling so exhausted from dream fighting all night that it feels like you haven’t slept in days. Dreams can amplify what may seem life a tiny, nagging issue in your life and turn it into the Grand Canyon. But regardless, you’ve got some feelings of rage simmering, my friend. Time to face the angry music.

4. You hung out with your ex. He invited you to come to his weird dungeon/basement where he wears a onesie and sits in a beanbag¬† chair all day watching at porn. If you call that hanging out. Then, because he was such a heinous shitbird in your dream, he doesn’t seem so abominable when you wake up. You’re thinking maybe you should email him in real life and tell him how awful he is. Don’t do it. Everything you hated about him was personified times a million in your dream because your subconscious is just trying to help you move on and solve any unfinished emotional business between you so you can find someone better.

5. Your partner’s not who they say they are. You’re in bed with your boyfriend and suddenly his hair begins to grow and his face transforms and suddenly — he’s Ellen DeGeneres and you’ve been CATFISHED for the last year. ARGH! Anything from a secret revelation to a startling change in appearance can really make you skeptical of your partner when you wake up the next day. No need to start digging through the trash cans for clues of his/her horrible secret. Instead, start digging within to find out why you’re having trust issues.

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