Woman Loses Her Wedding Rings While Changing Her Bird’s Diaper – You Know, The Usual

Pamela Brun of Chesterfield, Virginia, had a stressful few hours when she lost her wedding rings on the same day her husband was having open heart surgery. Fortunately, her rings were returned by a good Samaritan. But what was Pamela doing when she lost her rings? Oh, just changing her bird’s diaper.  

For Pamela, diapering her parrot is pretty typical. She’s had her pet cockatoo, Zack, for 23 years. Because he’s a rescue bird with disabled wings and legs, Zack goes everywhere with her in a baby carrier, even on grocery store runs and to concerts. He also has a diaper that needs to be changed four times a day, which is what lead Pamela to accidentally leave her rings on a baby changing table in the restroom of a local car dealership where her truck was undergoing repairs. She’d just dropped her husband off for open heart surgery, and losing her ring on such a day felt like a “horrible omen” to her.

Luckily, the rings were anonymously returned. Awww. I definitely didn’t wake up this morning expecting to learn a thing or two about bird diapers, but Zack is pretty adorable so I’ll go with it.


[Image of cockatoo via Shutterstock]