This Contest Has Named Britain’s Horniest Student And I Feel Weird About It

Shag At Uni, “the UK’s naughtiest student hook-up site,” has named a winner in their contest to find Britain’s Horniest Student. Twenty-year-old Elina Desaine is a computer science student at the University of Exeter and is so horny she’s unsure of how many people she’s slept with, or of many of their names. She keeps track of her partners by writing a list with notes about who they are, like “French guy” or “third year.” Elina was born in Latvia and sometimes refers to herself as “Slutvian” or “Sexeter.” A self-proclaimed modern-day feminist, Elina says she is “just having fun” and that “all my friends are the same – we are all just up for having a great time and going out … [College] life is three years to be wild before it starts settling down and it really flies by.”

As Britain’s Horniest Student, Elina won a cash prize, a year’s supply of condoms, a new cell phone, and a crate of alcohol. She also posed in lingerie wearing a “Horniest Student 2013” sash for a series of photos — one of which the website’s fully-dressed creator stands nearby ogling her. These pictures are plastered all over the internet, inviting all kinds of gawking and prompting Elina’s friends to worry about what future employers might think, as she’s in her last year of school and plans to apply for internships soon.

The entry process of the contest called for people to post why they deserve to win on the website’s Facebook page. In Elina’s winning post, she explained that she had sex in a university computer room and sleeps with two or three different men each week. Some of her proudest moments include sleeping with two of the university union’s bartenders and stripping in a local club to the “Baywatch” theme song. Elina says her only rule when it comes to sex is that a condom must be used.

A spokesman for The University of Exeter had this to say: “We certainly don’t condone this sort of behavior but our main concern at this time is for the student and the impact this may have on her over the long term.” Well, my main concern is this derogatory contest and the impact it has on not only Elina, but on other young women. Paying a woman cash for the notches on her bedpost? I’m trying to see it as sex positive for third wave feminists, but all I see is exploitation of a girl who is making consensual, protected choices and coercing her into participating in her own objectification. Am I missing something here?

As a college student myself, this affirms my concern that the college years will never be the time of growth that they once were now that social media is in the way. With the internet following us wherever we go, the choices we make in what is supposed to be a carefree, low-responsibility time of life follow us into our middle age. There is no longer room to experiment, because that phase becomes a permanent part of who you are. I hope that Elina never regrets her participation in the contest, because something tells me Shag At Uni won’t be eager to detach itself from her name anytime soon.

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