Someone Is The Lucky New Owner Of The Pink Star Diamond (And It’s Not Us)

I’ll never forget when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged — that gorgeous ring slayed me. When their relationship came to an end, I mourned it, if only for the fact that she wouldn’t be wearing that beautiful 6.1-carat pink diamond anymore. I vowed that one day, when I was a grown-up, I too would have a gigantic pink diamond. It couldn’t just be any giant rock, it had to be pink. I’m still getting around to that one, but for now let’s all live vicariously through the anonymous buyer who purchased the Pink Star diamond this week.

The giant pink diamond is set on a ring and is 1.06 inches by .81 inches. It’s a whopping 60 carats, whereas most pink diamonds are about 5. It sold for $83 million (Jen’s was only $1.2 million, she’s got some catching up to do) at a Sotheby’s auction in Geneva. That’s a record price for a gemstone. What recession? After the winning bid was confirmed, Sotheby’s was classy enough to play the “Pink Pather” theme. The Pink Star was mined in 1999 by De Beers in Africa, but the auctioneer didn’t share which country it came from. In case the previous stats haven’t made it clear, this thing is rare. It took two years to cut and polish and is over double the size of the next biggest diamond in its class. You know you’ve made it in life when you can just hang out at jewelry auctions and casually contemplate million-dollar purchases …Geneva, be sure to wait up for me, I’ll be coming for you one day. [BBC]