Now You Can Wear A Spray-On Dress

Going-out dresses still aren’t tight enough for you? Meet Fabrican, a spray-on fabric that can be used to make clothes that mold to your body.

Fabrican has been in the making since 2000, and is kind of revolutionary in a “Jetsons” sort of way. It was developed for use on runway models who need tight, perfectly-fitted coverage quickly and will likely be in stores soon for us regular folks.

The fabric comes out of a can that contains short fibers mixed with a bidner and with solvent. Once you spray on the outfit, you can even take it off (oh-so-carefully) and wash and re-wear it like “normal” clothes. If you don’t like it, you can dissolve it and throw away.

In all honesty, the reasons for needing such tight clothing is a little beyond me. Is there some kind of economic benefit to this? Does it save on clothing manufacturing costs? Because if it’s just for the purpose of wearing tighter clothes, I don’t know if I’m into all that. I suppose buying mass amounts of spray-on clothes could put a dent in reducing sweat shop labor that goes into the creation of so many of the “regular” clothes we buy. Now that’s something I could get behind.


[Image via SpringWise]