Meet Your New Muse: Naked Dancing Man

Meet Your New Muse: Naked Dancing Man
So bizarre, yet so wonderful!

This naked, dancing man is like a grownup version of that weird baby on Ally McBeal — unsettling and mesmerizing at the same time. But there is more to why a computer-generated man dancing around to an upbeat synth soundtrack is so captivating. Naked, dancing man is the animated embodiment of personal fulfillment and freedom. He was created by graphic animator for the movie “Tron,” David Lewandowski. At first, working on “Tron” seemed like a dream job, but David found that it soon turned out to be soul sucking.  

“When you’re working six or seven days a week, 12 hours a day, and you’ve alienated every girl from your life for a year, and you’ve flaked on your friends so many times that they’ve written you off—that’s not worth it,” David said.

When production ended, he took time off to work on something that felt more artistic and fulfilling to him. What was born was the naked, dancing man series. The first installment was, “going to the store” and the second (above), “late for meeting,” perfectly capture that silly, crazy feeling of release upon leaving a job that has taken over your life. I’m obsessed. [Wired]

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