Woman Diagnosed With Delusional Jealousy Makes Her Fiancé Take A Lie Detector Test Every Time He Leaves The House

It’s normal to get pangs of jealousy when your partner talks about his “really awesome” coworker, maybe to the point of stalking her just a little bit on Facebook, but it’s not normal to make him take a lie detector test EVERY DAY when he gets home from work to prove that he’s not schtupping her. This is what Debbi Woods does to her fiancé Steve Woods (she took his last name out of jealousy) and he doesn’t even have a job. Debbi blames her insane, delusional jealousy of her unemployed fiancé — who she met on Facebook — on a rare psychiatric condition called Othello Syndrome (named after the Shakespeare play where Othello murders his wife Desdemona after suspecting infidelity) and not the fact that she suffers from bipolar disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, that she’s been cheated on in the past or that when she first started dating Steve, he was seeing someone else secretly on the side.

Debbi is so convinced that Steve is cheating that, in addition to the daily lie detector tests, she snoops on him incessantly — checking his phone, email accounts and bank statements several times a day for evidence of infidelity. She even installed child-proof filters on his laptop and phone to stop him from looking at nude pictures of women and banned him from watching any TV programs with women in them. (So … everything but gay porn?)

“I’m relieved to finally know what’s wrong with me but I still have a long way to go. Even if Steve pops out for 15 minutes to buy a pint of milk, I make him take a lie detector test as soon as he gets home. I get so worried that he’s been eyeing up the shop assistant that I just have to know the truth,” she told The Daily Mail.

The truth is that Steve seems to be a really good sport about the whole thing, even when Debbi loses her temper and throws “stuff across the room” says:

“Sometimes, I get nervous and the lie detector test results come back inconclusive because my heart is hammering, which makes Debbi doubt me. I just have to tell her I haven’t cheated and pray she believes me. I’m willing to put up with it, because I know we’re soul mates. She’s so special to me and a bit of jealousy here and there won’t change that.”

Sounds like soul mates to me! [Daily Mail UK]