“Shakespeare In Love” Is Coming To A Stage Near You

As much as the trend of turning popular movies into Broadway musicals (“Once,” “Hairspray,” “Billy Elliot,” “Matilda,” “Ghost,” maybe “The Princess Bride”) makes me worry about that we’ll never see another original idea ever again, I can’t say I don’t enjoy the adaptations. The latest movie to see its moment under the stage lights is … drumroll please … “Shakespeare in Love.” Get excited, world!

A theatrical adaptation of the 1998 film starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes will hit London’s West End next July. The show will be produced by Disney Theatrical (shocker) and Lee Hall, the playwright who adapted the film version of “Billy Elliot” into every tourist’s favorite musical (and earned it a billion Tony Awards), will pen the script. “Shakespeare In Love” won seven Academy Awards; can the stage version top that accomplishment in Tonys? I would like to hear Gwynnie’s opinion on this matter, thank you very much.

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