Renisha McBride’s Parents Speak Out About Murder Charges Against Theodore Wafer

Earlier today we learned about the charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter against 54-year-old Theodore Wafer in the death of 19-year-old Renisha McBride.

On November 2, the Michigan man shot McBride in the face through a closed and locked screen door at his home when she knocked on his front door earlier this month after getting into a car accident nearby. Wafer claims his gun went off accidentally and also that he believed she was an intruder. Prosecutors said there was no sign of a forced entry at all.

After two weeks of frustration for civil rights activists, Detroit prosecutors have finally charged Wafer.  MSNBC spoke today with Renisha’s mom and dad, Monica McBride and Walter Simmons, who have stayed out of the public eye these past few weeks.

“We knew the prosecting’ office would take their time and go through the evidence and prosecute because they knew this was not an attempted breakin or anything like that — just murder,” said Simmons. “That’s what he did and he should suffer for that. We’re looking forward for them taking him to trial and a conviction. … We know that she went looking for help and she knocked on the wrong door. This man shot my daughter in the face and killed her.”

The news also came out today that Renisha had been drinking and her blood alcohol content was three times higher than the legal limit. Alas, underage drinking is not an excuse for shooting someone in the face, nor is trespassing — if you could even call someone knocking on your door “trespassing”. Additionally, the legal expert interviewed after MSNBC’s interview with Renisha’s parents said she believes Wafer only called 911 after the shot was fired.   This isn’t the Wild West. We don’t shoot first and ask questions later.

Renisha’s mom is dismayed that her daughter would have helped anyone. In her time of need when Renisha’s car didn’t work, though, “she didn’t get any help.”  Instead, the lost her life.


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