Courtney Stodden Says She Is A “True Feminist,” Also Doesn’t Read Or Write

“I think that whether a woman or anybody quite frankly wants to wear combat boots or eight inch heels, I think that’s their prerogative. I think if somebody feels comfortable a certain way with their life choices, how they look, regardless of what it is, if they are not hurting themselves or other people I think it’s fine, it’s fair game. Have at it, enjoy your life, look the way you want to look. I happen to feel comfortable like this, I like the way I look, I love the way I look. I think that’s all that matters. I think that can empower other people too from hearing that. I know people might think this is funny but I actually feel that I am a true feminist because I believe in women looking the way they want to look, I think real women support women.”

This is how Courtney Stodden, Patron Saint Of Frosted Lip Gloss, responded to Bethenney Frankel’s question, “How are you going to take back your youth?” on an episode of her talk show. On one hand, I’m totally with Courtney on not shaming women for how they choose to dress or alter their appearance. On the other hand, “I choose my choice” feminism is kind of a cop out. Also, I have a hard time accepting Courtney Stodden as a bastion of feminism when, in the same interview, she claimed, “I don’t read or write.” Maybe Courtney and Miley Cyrus should start a Biggest True Feminists In The World Book Club and read some, like, bell hooks and The Beauty Myth and shit. Just a thought. [Celebitchy]