Brooklyn Man Gets Guinness World Record Recognition For Largest Collection Of Pizza Boxes

Brooklyn does it best, and making my borough of residence proud (or, uh, something like that, I think) today is Scott Wiener, who was just crowned with the Guinness World Record for “Largest Collection of Pizza Boxes.” The competition must have been stiff for that title! Needless to say, Wiener is really, really passionate about pizza. I like to think that I am, too, but I have to hand it to him for taking his passion to what we like to call the Next Level. Wiener’s collection, which he began back in 2008, consists of some 595 different pizza boxes spanning 45 different countries. (He’s even written a book on the subject.)

And this really isn’t your average “eat the pizza, save the box” type of venture (because that would be hoarding, and they don’t give out Guinness World Records for that just yet) — Wiener and his brother have paid up to $200 for the shipment of a single pizza, just so that they could save the box. To be fair, the newly-delegated pizza box king says he’s only paid for six pizza boxes (not containing pizza, I gather) out of his trove of nearly 600, and all of said purchases were “impulse eBay” buys totaling about $75 altogether. Not bad for a record holder, right?

If you’re in the NYC metro area, and just dying to breathe the same pizza-scented air as Scott, you’re in luck, and quite a bit of it, because three words: Scott’s Pizza Tours. [Gothamist]