15 Positive Side Effects Of A New Haircut (In GIFs!)

Anyone who’s experienced new haircut euphoria will tell you that getting your hair done is never just about your hair — it’s about getting your whole world view shampooed. You walk into the salon feeling like a dirty cockroach who just crawled out of her cubicle and you leave there thinking you might actually bear some resemblance to Marion Cotillard. Just feeling like a French goddess sets off a whole chain reaction of positive side effects that ends with you drinking scotch and cleaning your bathroom until the wee hours of the morning. Really, it’s miraculous. But it doesn’t last for long. So, it’s essential to capitalize on your new haircut high while it lasts. Don’t ever take these wonderful side effects for granted…

1. Getting ready won’t include 30 bobby pins and 3 rubber bands to hide all the grown-out layers and split ends.

2. It will give you incentive not to push snooze again when your alarm goes off. (Hello, you need to go out and show the world your new look!)

Bitch I'm Fabulous GIF

3. It will inspire you to change up your earring game. (Giant gold hoops? Yes, please!)

4. It will improve your posture.

5. It will up your selfie output (and increase your Instagram likes).

Selfie GIF

6. It will make you feel better about the gaps in your wardrobe.

7. It will give you the extra push you needed to try that bright lipstick color.

bright lipstick GIF

8. It will make you feel just slightly better about that fight you had with your mom.

9. It will help you be brave enough to stand up to that grumpy barista who always charges you extra for foam.

10. It will amp up your flirt-o-meter.

flirty hair GIF

11. It will make you more spontaneous, all-around.

12. You’ll feel — for at least a day — like you actually do resemble Marion Cotillard.

marion cotillard gif

13. It will inspire you to overhaul other areas of your life that feel stale — rearrange the living room, try out a new sex position, etc.

14. It will give you carte blanche to say conceited things about yourself to anyone who’ll listen — “I look tres chic!”

15. By lightening the weight of your head, you’ll have more room for creative ideas.

More creativity GIF


[Photo of woman at the hairdresser via Shutterstock]