This Guy Waxes With Packing Tape And I Am Terrified

Filed under “My Worst Nightmare Come To Life”: meet a gentleman who waxes with packing tape. Yes, he waxes with packing tape. How does he stay in one piece!?

TLC’s “Extreme Cheapskates” introduces us to Matt, an aspiring pro wrestler who believes in getting creative to save money. I can totally get behind that, but waxing is one thing that should be left to the pros, or an at-home waxing kit, or anything a little less utilitarian packing tape. “For a wrestler, you can easily spend thousands and thousands within a month [waxing off your body hair],” Matt says. “But for me, I’m careful and I only spend about a thousand per year being creative.”

Instead of paying for a gym membership, Matt also exercises with barbells made from broomsticks and milk gallons. He doesn’t want to buy new equipment, so he borrowed a cup from another wrestler and boots that are so beat up that he has to tape them to his body whenever he wears them. His brother says that he “really balances the cost of being a wrestler with his overall cheapness.”

I’m skeptical.  I can barely handle getting my eyebrows waxed even with a cocktail first.  Has anyone tried waxing with packing tape before?


[Oh No They Didn’t]