Feminists Re-Imagine Google Search Results For The Word “Feminism”

  • This is so cool: PolicyMic got a bunch of different feminist activists to re-imagine Google searches for “feminism,” which bring up scary and disturbing shit like “Feminists should be killed” and “are feminists evil?” The results are fantastic. [PolicyMic]
  • The Supreme Court shot down Oklahoma’s challenge to an appeal of another anti-abortion law. [CNN]
  • Five lesbians in Senegal have been charged under an anti-gay law that criminalizes homosexual behavior. [ABC News]
  • If you don’t think misogynist Christian public speaker Justin Lookadoo, AKA #Lookadouche, should spread his nonsense at another another high school on November 19th, then sign this petition … [MoveOn]
  • And if you don’t think Burt’s Bees should produce a product whose packaging says “Let the catcalling commence,” sign this petition. [Change.org]
  • On the murder of 19-year-old Renisha McBride, who was killed on someone’s doorstep seeking help following a car accident, and the evolution of stereotypes about Black women. [TIME]
  • Russia confirmed that it sent one of the arrested members of Pussy Riot to a work camp in Siberia. [Raw Story]
  • On Lily Allen’s video for “Hard Out Here” and her anti-Black feminism. [VICE]
  • Iraqi women lament the costs of the U.S. invasion. [NBC News]
  • Why men need maternity benefits, too. [MSNBC]
  • Six soldiers in Australia calling themselves the “Jedi Council” have been fired for sharing secretly filmed sex on governmental computers. [News.com]
  • What really makes a film feminist? [The Atlantic]
  • Chefs weigh in on women in the restaurant industry. [Eater]
  • Eleanor Catton, who last month won the Man Booker Prize for her novel The Luminaries, has one a major Canadian writing award. [CBC.ca]

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