21 Realistic Dates For Adventurers (That Don’t Include Backpacking Through Europe For 21 Days)

We think it’s awfully cute that OKCupid couple, Clara Benson and Jeff Wilson, decided to go on a 21-day, seat-of-their pants European excursion after only 12 dates. And we’re a little shocked (but thrilled) that they decided to continue dating after the trip. Let’s be honest, the odds of that are like one in ten trillion. For most of us, the thought of traveling through eight countries, with no plans, only one outfit, sleeping in hostels and on couches, floors and park lawns, even with someone we’re way into is out of the question. That doesn’t mean we’re dating duds with no sense of adventure. It just means we want to find a middle ground between the cliche “adventurous” dates (why does every dating article want us to go rock climbing?) and the spur-of-the-moment European vacation. Here are some fresh ideas for over-the-top dates that won’t break the bank or ruin your relationship (hopefully)…

1. Buy a two-person onesie and wear it grocery shopping.

2. Get in the car with no destination, take turns choosing whether to turn left or right at each intersection and stop when you get somewhere interesting.

3. Go to the hairdresser and each give the stylist secret instructions for how to cut your date’s hair.

4. Taste test 25-year-old vinegars, blindfolded.

5. Sign up for an open mic night and do a set featuring “Leather And Lace” and “Islands In The Stream.”

6. Get a pendulum reading.

7. Take trapeze lessons.

8. Look up haunted spots in your city and go on the hunt for ghosts.

9. In a heavily populated area, recite poetry you make up on the spot and put out a hat to collect change from your audience.

10. Go to a Russian bathhouse and watch while one another get a venick treatment.

11. Hit the mall and shop for a list of random items that you give each other, then eat lunch in the food court.

12. Test drive BMW convertibles while pretending to be the super rich offspring of an oil tycoon.

13. Take an aerobics class in matching leotards.

14. Go to a pub and see how long you can speak in British accents before one of you gets called out as a fraud. Best accent wins.

15. Take a flying lesson.

16. Crash a hotel pool and go skinny dipping without getting arrested.

17. Learn the fine art of taxidermy.

18. Go to a nude drawing class together — the less artistic skill, the better.

19. Go roller skating and eat pretzels or corn dogs. Hold hands during couples skate.

20. Recreate a home version of “Chopped” where you give your date a mystery basket and they have 30 minutes to make you an entree.

21. Work as a farmhands for the day. Overalls encouraged.

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