“The Real World” Gets An “Explosive” Update For Its 29th Season

“The Real World,” television’s second longest-running reality show behind “Cops,” is switching things up for their 29th season, which will have the cast returning to the third season’s home of San Francisco. Initially, seven strangers will move into a house and have their lives taped … but one month into the three-month shoot, the roommates will go on a day trip … and when they return, they’ll discover their exes have moved in. Something tell me people are going to stop being polite and start getting real right quick. According to an article on EW.com, it sounds like “The Real World: Ex-plosion” has already been filmed and while this little twist took some scrambling to arrange — producers had to convince the exes to drop everything and join the cast too — it worked out, with five of the seven agreeing to appear on the show as well. It will air sometime next year on MTV.

Somehow, I am still one of those people who watches nearly every season of “The Real World” (and “The Challenge” — don’t judge me!) and I was a little frown-y about this twist at first. Won’t having familiar faces in the house potentially prevent the roommates from focusing their energy on fostering new bonds and experiences? The kinds of bonds and experiences that leave a lasting impact and change lives, like the one Pedro Zamora had on his roommates in the original “Real World: San Francisco”? Oh hell, who am I kidding. “The Real World” hasn’t been about personal growth and changing lives since Las Vegas. Now it’s all hot tubs and hookups and beating people over the head with hairdryers. Might as well throw some exes in there for drama. [Entertainment Weekly]