Rejoice! The Last Of Superstorm Sandy’s Rescue Kittens Have Been Adopted!

We can relax everyone: Joy the kitten, who was rescued from a flooded street in Brooklyn in Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath, finally has a home! The sweetest part? Her new owner is also a Sandy survivor. Robert Curran’s home and business were hit hard by the storm, and he and his new cat will get a fresh start together. Joy spent the past year recovering with an animal rescue group. Robert’s year has been full of recovery as well, as his home and family restaurant in New York City’s storm-ravaged Rockaways endured severe damage. Robert says that when he heard Joy’s story, his first thought was “You know what? I’m rebuilding my life. This cat needs help, too.” Cue the warm fuzzies.

The Associated Press wrote about the ASPCA’s attempts to find a home for Joy, and when Robert heard the news, he reached out to become her new cat parent. When Joy was found, she was about six months old and was terrified of people. These days, she’s playful and friendly. When the emergency shelter closed, she moved into the ASPCA’s Manhattan offices.

Robert was also displaced, moving from his Rockaway home to Brooklyn. His family’s business, P.J.Curran Bar & Grill, has yet to reopen after it flooded during the storm. “We’re dealing with insurance issues. We’re dealing with the future of the block,” he told USA Today. “Remember, you’re talking about putting an entertainment business back in an area where everyone lost their life savings… Who has money to go out on a Friday night?”

Life after Sandy is still full of grim reminders of everything that the storm changed, but Joy’s new life is one good thing to come out of the chaos. According to Robert, she’s adjusting well to her new home and is “adorable.” Awww.

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