Cross-Eyed Fashion Model Moffy Makes Waves With Magazine Cover

Fashion as an industry is rarely lauded for its acts of inclusion, be it based on race, weight, or perceived physical flaws. But one thing it seems they’ll make an exception for is strabismus, better known as crossed eyes, at least in the case of “accidental model” Moffy. After she appeared on the cover of cult favorite fashion magazine POP this summer, Moffy (who is British, obviously, because they don’t make people named Moffy in any other nation) has been signed to leading model agency Storm. This is no small feat of representation — Storm has backed the likes of Alexa Chung, Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, and Emma Watson, among many, many other recognizable names.

Recommended to a POP photographer by his girlfriend, Moffy’s debut editorial feature not only made no attempt to hide her crossed eyes, but emphasized the condition with angles and dramatic makeup, particularly on the cover photo, where they also dubbed her “The Face.” Now, we’ve been calling everyone “the” this, “the” that since the beginning of time, and Moffy’s unusual looks do make her an unlikely candidate for this sort of branding, but at 5’8″, with 32-26-32 measurements and a beautiful face, I’m not exactly STUNNED that fashion has found a place for her.

That said, I think that’s what makes Moffy’s modeling intriguing: there’s this dichotomy of a very classically appearance paired with a feature typically regarded as “ugly” or “wrong.” And you know what? I’m all for it. Viva la Moffy! [Daily Mail]