UK Man Drops Dead After Opening “Pandora’s Box”

Novel idea: if, for any reason or due to any twist of fate, one stumbles across a container labeled “Pandora’s box,” refrain from opening it. We all know what happened last time, right? There shouldn’t have to be a next time for something that, as legend goes, is responsible for giving us all of the world’s ills. Jason Airey, 37, fell unconscious and later died after opening — yeah, you guessed it — just that container.

Airey was found slumped on his knees beside the open box in his family home, and an official inquest into his death returned unresolved. No drugs were found in the Carlisle (UK) man’s system, though an unopened, unused packet of synthetic cannabis was recovered from inside the box. His father reported Jason as having been in “a happy mood” and “just his normal self” before the incident that ended his life. “His heart stopping caused the death of his brain which caused multiple organ failure,” said coroner Robert Chapman. Furthermore, Chapman stated, “We don’t really know what caused his heart to stop.” Bizarre, indeed. [via Gawker]

[image of hand opening secret box via Shutterstock]