How To Help The Survivors Of Typhoon Haiyan

The photos that show the devastation that Typhoon Haiyan has left behind are overwhelming. Even reaching out to help can be confusing, with endless charities to sort through. In the wake of such an earth-shattering storm, the Philippines’ president has declared that they are in a state of national calamity. It’s not easy to see endless images of suffering so many miles away and feel helpless.

One of the more heartbreaking moments of the media’s storm coverage was when Magina Fernandez, a survivor who lost her home and business, looked into CNN’s cameras and begged for international help to arrive immediately because the situation is “worse than hell.” Another man in the same video explained that he doesn’t know anyone who hasn’t lost at least one person they love in the storm. That’s pretty incomprehensible. Here are a few charities to turn to if you’d like to offer help to Haiyan’s victims.

Charity Navigator has posted a list of trustworthy organizations that are offering aid to storm victims which is updated daily, so head their way if you’re looking for more options. CNN has also shared a lengthy list of organizations who are helping out. Even sending good vibes to survivors is a way to help, so if it’s all you can spare, send over your positive thoughts, prayers, meditations, or whatever else floats your boat. Here’s to hoping the recovery process is as swift and healthy as possible for everyone affected.

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