Here’s A Map Of Who’s Having The Most Sex In New York City

The internet is the land of over-sharing, and it appears that the interweb gods have now gifted us with one of the most useful over-shares of all: a nifty little map of which New York City neighborhoods are having the most sex. New Yorkers tend to be a little too obsessed with analyzing themselves, but this is one subject I’ll let that slide for.

The dating site How About We used data from NYC’s 2012 Community Health Survey to determine which neighborhoods have the highest percentage of residents who have slept with three or more people in the past year. Something tells me Carrie Bradshaw would’ve had a field day with this information. Which neighborhood gets laid the most? East Harlem, by a lot. Based on the one year that I spent with an East Harlem zip code, I can’t argue with that one. Washington Heights, Chelsea, Flushing, Staten Island (really), Bed Stuy and Crown Heights also top the list. Near the bottom of the list are the Upper West Side, Forest Hills, Bay Ridge, East New York, and Pelham.

So, when are there going to be maps like this for every city?