Here Are Some New Body Parts That We’re Apparently Supposed To Be Worried About

In case you weren’t already too busy pondering the non-issues that are your alleged cankles or love handles, UK’s Guardian has presented us with a handy list of the latest slew of random female body parts the tabloids have taken to gawking at. It kind of seems like pop culture’s sole mission is to find more ways to coerce another few thousand women onto the body-shaming train, and sometimes that means resorting to weird made-up body parts that nobody knew we were “supposed” to be worried about.

Gracing the list is the famed “sideboob,” accompanied by the less popular “underboob” and “back dimples,” which are the small indentations that many have on their lower backs. Not to be outdone, the “side butt,” “bum slip,” and “butt cleavage” make appearances as well. Of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without the Tumblr sensation that is the “thigh gap.” Guardian writer Emine Saner’s take on the thigh gap sums up the whole damn list pretty succinctly. As she puts it,

It’s as if a cabal of misogynists got together and said: ‘We’ve done bingo wings, we’ve done cankles; really, what’s left in our ongoing attempt to make women hate their bodies?’ And then they came up with thigh gap, the part of the body that nobody had ever thought about before…

I mean, pretty much. I guess I didn’t get the memo that I was required to be horrified about these parts of myself since I didn’t even know that half of them existed. Oops.