Your “Significant Other Is Returning From A Business Trip” Check List!

Those of us with significant others who travel for work often spend days and weeks at a time alone. This solitude can be wonderful — control of the TV, a bed to yourself, tons of quality “me time.” What inevitably happens to us non-traveling partners is laziness. With no one watching, you end up forgetting to do some of the basics. Never fear, your jet-setting lover never has to know!

1. Shower: So, you skipped a few days — now is the time to get your act together. Utilize all the bath products at your disposal and don’t forget your naughty bits.

2. Groom: Time to shave/trim/fluff your body hair. However you normally wear your hair down there — completely bare, landing strip, slightly trimmed, full bush — give it some tending! Your unruly fur may have been keeping you warm those lonely winter nights, now it’s time for a little TLC. Fellas, this goes for you too!

3. Clean Up: After your significant other has enjoyed a hotel king all to themselves, it will take some work to make your bed look welcoming. Clean the sheets, fluff the pillows, and clean up any glasses left on your nightstand.

4. Groceries: Time to act like a functioning adult. You may have been living on nothing but cheese, wine and peanut butter, but he/she shouldn’t have to. And if you’ve got the skills, who doesn’t like to come back to a home-cooked meal?

5. Nice Pajamas: Put away the torn sweats you’ve had since the late-’90s and prepare to wear something a little more attractive.

6. Sex Prep: Stock up on lube, check the condom supply, and clean the sex toys — especially if your vibrator has seen significant use while your partner’s been on the road.

7. Be Home: Although you enjoyed your solo time, your traveling lover has been hard at work. Plan to spend some time together relaxing, catching up and whatever else says to your boo, “Welcome home!”

Anything we missed? Add on in the comments!