That’ll Be “Sir” David Beckham To You

  • A new report claims David Beckham will be knighted by Prince William for his contributions to charity later this year.  If Becks receives the knighthood, that will make his wife Victoria Beckham “Lady Victoria.”  [Metro UK]
  • ABC News’ anchor Amy Robach announced today she has breast cancer and will undergo a double mastectomy. [US Weekly]
  • Tom Cruise said filming his action movies are as “brutal” as serving a tour in the military.  Hmm, I think actual veterans might disagree with you on that, Tom. [TMZ]
  • “Downton Abbey” has been renewed for a fifth season. Hear, hear!  []
  • Draft rules for regulation of California’s porn industry might require mandatory condoms during oral sex and protective eyewear. [Salon]
  • Meryl Streep is as taken with George Clooney as the rest of us. [Vanity Fair]
  • Khloe Kardashian’s kinda-estranged hubby Lamar Odom was spotted moving into a friend’s house this weekend. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Casting gossip: Beyoncé wanted to play, but refused to audition for, the role of Princess Tiona Tiana in “The Princess And The Frog.”  The role eventually went to Anika Noni Rose. [Page Six]
  • RuPaul is in a long-term relationship with a rancher who lives on 50 acres in South Dakota and Wyoming. [Oprah]
  • The 22 weirdest things that have happened at a Waffle House, including that drunk lady who tried to wear a cheeseburger like a sandal. [Bon Appetit]

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