Model Jessica Hart Says She Invented The Top Knot

“The top knot…I’ve been doing that for nine years now. I hate washing my hair, so I’d always just put my hair on top of my head. Now it’s this huge thing. But I really feel like I was the first.”

When asked about innovations she’s contributed to the world at the WSJ Innovator Awards, model Jessica Hart insisted that she is the creator of the top knot. When asked if it bothered her that it became so trendy, her response was:

“Yes! I was a little bit. And other people would claim that someone else had been the first person, and I was like, ‘There’s no way.'”

What makes her top knot unique?

“First of all, I do it myself. A lot of other people have it done. I think there’s an art form to it. One day I might do a video on how I do mine. I only do it with one hair band, no pins. I don’t think many other people could create the look with just one hair band.”


[Photo: Fame/Flynet]