Lena Dunham Interviews Mindy Kaling In BFF Conversation We Should Have Been Invited To

  • Lena Dunham interviewed Mindy Kaling for RookieMag.com’s second book, Rookie Yearbook 2. “More than half the questions I am asked are about the politics of the way I look,” Mindy Kaling said. “What it feels like to be not skinny/dark-skinned/a minority/not conventionally pretty/female/etc. It’s not very interesting to me, but I know it’s interesting to people reading an interview. Sometimes I get jealous of white male showrunners when 90 percent of their questions are about characters, story structure, creative inspiration, or, hell, even the business of getting a show on the air.” [Rolling Stone]
  • The worryingly-troubled Jenna Jameson is returning to porn again to fix her money troubles. [TMZ]
  • Sarah Palin loves “the commercialization of Christmas because it spreads the Christmas cheer.” Spend away, jolly elves, spend! [Jezebel]
  • “Mad Men”‘s Elisabeth Moss will guest star on “The Simpsons,” voicing a pregnant woman whose baby ends up being delivered by Homer. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • “30 Rock” and “Whitney” actor Maulik Pancholy has come out of the closet as gay and revealed he’s had a partner for nine years. [US Weekly]
  • There’s now cookie pairings for alcohol. Or shall I say alcohol pairings for cookies? [PSFK]
  • Angela Lansbury is not so psyched about that “Murder, She Wrote” reboot. For some reason, I feel strangely protective about not pissing off Mrs. Potts. [Jezebel]

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