5 Things We Can Deduce From Karl Lagerfeld’s Longwinded Explanation For Why He Likes Cats

“With dogs you need a country house and you have to walk them in the street and I cannot walk in the street anymore, I’m too easy to recognize. In the age of cell phones, it’s not a pleasant thing to walk in the street. … Cats are very easy to keep because they’re so clean, And Choupette is the most beautiful cat in the world. … It’s always difficult to analyze an influence. Perhaps she helped me to become a nicer person. Because there’s something very touching about her.”

This quote from Karl Lagerfeld has led me to conclude…

  1. Clearly Karl, who was interviewed by actress Jessica Chastain at Lincoln Center in New York City Wednesday night, has never cleaned Choupette’s litter box before in her life. That’s what her two maids are for.
  2. And he has possibly never smelled a litter box before in his life.
  3. “With dogs you need a country house” — WHAT?
  4. His beloved cat is probably not making him a nicer person.
  5. Choupette is one grand, spoiled, little princess-diva. But we knew that already.