Weekend Shut-In Worksheet: Read The Goldfinch, Watch “Frances Ha” & Slow Cook Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Activities are wonderful, but sometimes, it’s fine to want to shut the world out for a couple of days, and make some serious time for you. Don’t be afraid of FOMO, either. There will always be another party, another pub crawl, another picnic. The time you’ll spend indulging in the things you want to do, alone, are well worth it. Here’s a handy list of awesome things to do this weekend!


  • You may be following the story of the Dolphins’ players Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. This essay on Grantland about locker rooms, bullying and “warrior culture” is a must-read for anyone interested in how much good feminism can do for toxic masculinity. — Jessica
  •  writes an amazing advice column at The Awl called Ask Polly that’s always a must read … but seriously, her most recent column — about loneliness — is the perfect introduction to her brilliance. A sample of her advice: “Go home and write for an hour. Type out all of your thoughts, feelings, worries, regrets, and hopes for the future. Every single word is OK, because it’s a part of who you are. You are not damaged. You are not socially handicapped. You are young and you are learning how to live. Write that down. I AM VERY YOUNG AND I AM LEARNING HOW TO LIVE. Tape it to the wall by your bed and read it every morning. You are very, very young. You are learning how to live.” Ugh. Perfect. – Amelia
  • Getting laid off blows. This piece at The Billfold on advice for the recently unemployed from our own recently unemployed Dating Don’ts blogger Megan Reynolds (we miss you!!!) is funny and wise. – Amelia
  • Currently reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinchcan’t talk right now. – Ami


  • My BFF told me to watch Aziz Ansari’s newest standup special, “Buried Alive,” because she said there was something very important in it about the fonts Times New Roman, Comic Sans, and Wingdings.  I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw it. But now I think you need to watch it, too. It’s currently streaming on Netflix. — Jessica
  • I’ll be scrolling through the various clips on MrMan.com, the new penis-centric online database from Mr. Skin. Yep, I’ll be clicking on everything. Over and over again. – Katie
  • I’ve loved actress Sarah Polley since she was on the Canadian TV show “Avonlea,” a spinoff of “Anne of Green Gables.” She’s been a grownup for awhile now and is an accomplished director. But in her first documentary “Stories We Tell,” she tackles her own personal family mystery through interviews with her family and family friends. It’s an incredible film that you must watch. – Amelia
  • I also just watched the Noah Baumbach/Greta Gerwig movie “Frances Ha.” I expected to find it a bit twee and annoying, but honestly? It is FANTASTIC. I love that it’s this female centric movie that isn’t ultimately about finding romantic love. It definitely passes the Bechdel test, and is funny, relatable and very smart. Love love love. – Amelia


  • I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s starting to get cold as fuck. Madewell.com is taking 25 percent off ALLLLLL sweaters this weekend, which is pretty great. — Amelia


  • I’m making this delicious recipe in my slow cooker, because now that Halloween is over I can say goodbye to pumpkins and HELLO to pumpkin pie– Katie
  • I’m going to attempt a simple stupid knitting project, like this cowl, uh, neck warmer thing. – Sophie
  • As you may have read, I’m on a bit of a booze sabbatical. Three weeks without my precious grapefruit juice and champagne! Without my lifeblood, my body has been craving juice and sugar like whoa, so I want to make a few non-alcoholic juice mocktails to quench my thirst and make me feel less deprived. This mint, grapefruit and strawberry drink looks soooo good. – Amelia