Woman Attempts To Wear Cheeseburger Like A Sandal After Getting Busted For Sex In The Waffle House Parking Lot, As You Do

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wafflehouse cheeseburger sandal

It happens to the best of us. You’re just having drunk sex in the backseat of a pickup truck  in the Waffle House parking lot. Then a cop has to show up and tell you to put some clothes on. Ugh, FINE. So then you grab the nearest thing that looks like one of your Old Navy sandals and try to put it on your feet. But it’s not your Old Navy sandal. It’s warm and slippery and smells like grease.  It’s … it’s … a cheeseburger.  Perfectly understandable.  But then the Loganville, Georgia police have to write about it in their police report when they arrest you for public drunk and loitering charges, and it makes your local Patch.com, and then blogs pick it up, and next thing you know you’re going to get made fun of on “Chelsea Lately.”  All for an innocent  sandal/cheeseburger misunderstanding that could have happened to anyone having drunk sex in the backseat of a pickup truck in the Waffle House parking lot. Tsk, tsk. [Patchvia The Hairpin] [Image of cheeseburger via Shutterstock]

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