Sephora Pulls Kat Von D’s “Celebutard” Lipstick

Kat Von D is a woman of many questionable decisions. Her latest poor life choice is not detrimental to her personal life, though: she had a lipstick in her Painted Love makeup line with Sephora called  “Celebutard.” Is it a very pretty pink-nude lipstick?  Yes. Is using the word “tard” grossly offensive to people with developmental disabilities and their loved ones? Also yes.

The word “celebutard” means a celeb or debutante is completely vapid  (“retarded”) and was invented by the New York Post to describe Paris Hilton. I don’t disagree that Paris is probably as dumb as a box of rocks. But  it’s shitty to insult someone by implying they have mental retardation, even if you package that insult with a cutesy name. It’s mean. And it’s not appropriate for Kat Von D to be mean, either, by using that cutesy insult for the name of a lipstick. Sephora did the right thing pulling the lipstick from stores and online and issuing an apology.

There are plenty of other boundary-pushing but not offensive names Kat Von D found for her lipsticks — Lolita, Underage Red — so it’s time to  go back to the drawing board on this one.


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