Poll: Would You Ever Participate In A Sex Study?

Don’t expect to get a hold of me any Sunday night from now until the end of the year, because I’ll be watching “Masters of Sex,” and your girl doesn’t like to be interrupted.

Ever since my roommate coerced the cable company to give us free Showtime for a year because our cable box was shorting out, I’ve been spending every spare minute getting caught up on “Masters of Sex,” a drama about the science of human sexuality and the researchers who helped spark the sexual revolution. It’s so goooood.

It was Masters and Johnson who paved the way for sites like The Frisky to be able to talk openly about sex, eliminating at least some of the stigma and taboo. They clocked tons of hours watching people masturbate, fornicate and reach orgasm while they were recorded and hooked up to heart monitors and electrodes — all for the benefit of science (and of course, some extra money).

But week after week, watching these two pioneers watching other people doin’ it has me asking myself: Would I ever participate in a sex study where I had to masturbate and/or screw someone, all while I’m being watched, studied and monitored? They would see my “O face,” amongst many other things that only a select few (okay, who are we kidding, a few hands worth) of people ever get to see. But honestly, I think I could do it, provided anonymity and certain safety measures are in place.

If I knew that my participation could make a difference in the future of science and sex, I would be willing to have strangers see my vag. But that’s just me.

We want to know what YOU think: Would you ever participate in a sex study where you were expected to masturbate and/or have sex while you’re being watched?

Vote in our poll below and then from 4:00-4:30 p.m. ET, @TheFrisky will be discussing the question and poll results on Twitter. Be sure to join in on the convo and use the hashtag #ThisOrThat. See you then!