New Tumblr Busts Rude Neighbors Who Have Loud Sex

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment building, you’ve probably encountered rude neighbors who fucked loud enough for the whole complex to hear them. Or maybe you were that person, in which case, FUCK YOU for keeping the rest of the world awake while you bucked and moaned into the wee hours. A new Tumblr Mes Voisins Baisent! (which translates to Neighbors Fuck!) provides a much needed forum for those who are “tired of the neighbor who screams every night” to post audio clips and vent about their sleepless nights. Above is a clip from user Flaviano who says (in poor Google translation):

“As much as I’m used to my neighbor who plays every night, so the bed creaking I can not stand!”

Eh, just listen. You’ll see what he means. [Mes Voisins Baisent via Jezebel]

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