Tatiana Neves Barbosa: Mysterious Woman From Justin Bieber’s Sleeping Video Revealed!

According to E! Online, her name is Tatiana Neves Barbosa and she’s the mysterious woman in that Justin Bieber sleeping video I posted earlier today. But contrary to rumors, Barbosa is not a Brazilian prostitute bedded by the Biebs. The 26-year-old is a bodybuilder, part-time actress and go-go dancer, and she apparently is dismayed that her video of the snoozing pop star has gone viral on the internet. She apparently filmed it and sent it to a friend and through that friend somehow ended up on YouTube. Oops. Barbosa has now hired a lawyer to protect her from, well, I suppose all the attention and probably Bieber’s insane fan base and maybe even the Biebs himself, who probably is none too pleased that his precious slumbering visage is being viewed by millions as I type this. I’m guessing Tatiana will think twice before pointing her camera at a famous person just trying to catch some REM sleep. [E! Online]