Not This Crap Again: Horrible Gynecologist Secretly Took Pictures Of His Patients During Exams

How’s this for horrifying? A Baltimore gynecologist was found to have taken thousands of secret photos between his patients’ legs during exams over the course of his career. Dr. Nikita Levy, who practiced at Johns Hopkins Hospital, committed suicide earlier this year as investigators started to close in on him. Now, thousands of his ex-patients are filing a class action lawsuit against his estate.

The investigation began when one of Dr. Levy’s female coworkers noticed what appeared to be a pen camera hanging from his neck and let officials at Hopkins know. Levy turned his various recording devices over to investigators, and they came to find that he’d stored the pictures on 10 file servers that he owned. So. Creepy.

Dr. Levy worked with Hopkins for 25 years, and that makes for a lot of patients. It will be hard to determine whether there could be thousands of other victims in addition to the 3,800 current plaintiffs. Apparently, Dr. Levy was pretty creepy in general and put patients through unnecessary physical exams while making crude comments about their anatomy. Why he was able to practice for so long with this history is a mystery to me.

People have plenty of gynecologist-related phobias already. Did this man really have to go and make our wildest nightmares a reality? I wonder if his ex-patients will ever be able to relax at a doctor’s appointment again.

[Baltimore Sun]

[Image of a gynecologist via Shutterstock]