Meet The Ryan Gosling Lookalike Who Is Also A Hot Cop

This is Grant Hazell. He is a 35-year-old British father of two who also happens to be a professional Ryan Gosling impersonator.

Grant is a cop in Perth, Australia. But he also earns $320 an hour pretending to be The Gos for talent agencies in both Oz and the U.S. and posing in Gosling-themed photoshoots.  Looking at his Facebook page, he sure does have that signature Gosling snarl down and the puppy eyes, too.  This guy was maybe 70-percent Gosling-esque; Grant is probably a good 90-percent.

His lucky wife and high school sweetheart, Caroline, surreptitiously sent some pictures of him to a lookalike talent agency. They signed him instantly. Now she’s probably regretting her move, as  female fans go gaga for Grant when they mistakenly believe he is Ryan Gosling — an experience he called “surreal.” One woman even sent him over 100 “raunchy” messages on Facebook because she thought Grant was actually the “Crazy Stupid Love” star. Other women propose to him on Facebook and, of course, stop him on the street to take pictures.

Grant, meanwhile, sounds like husband of the year and even more of a dreamboat than the actual Ryan Gosling. “People think I’m a heartthrob, but I’m not,” he told the UK’s Daily Mail. “I wash dishes, bathe the dog. I’m a regular bloke. My family at home keep me grounded.” Aww.
[ via Daily Mail UK]